We supply Vehicle Trolley Jacks, Car Jacks and Bottle Jacks by Chicago Pneumatic to vehicle motor, commercial and industrial workshops at the most competitive prices in the UK.  Trolley Jacks are available as Deep & very low profile 1.5 tonne Trolley Jack , Low profile & versatile 2 ton Trolley Jack and Low profile & versatile 3 ton vehicle Trolley Jack. Bottle Jacks available are CP81020 2T car lifting jacks, CP81030 3t car lifting bottle jacks, 5 tonne car jack CP81050 and the durable, compact & versatile 8 tonne vehicle jack CP81080.

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Bottle Jacks and Trolley Jacks

Our CP Trolley Jack and Bottle Jack range is manufactured with heavy duty steel. Chassis are welded with reinforcing rims for daily workshop use on passenger vehicles and vans. With high and quick lifting capacity they provide you productivity and comfort of use. The CP Bottle Jack range is equipped with an hydraulic system and a mounted powerful manual pump. When used on light or heavy vehicles, they are compact and versatile with a reassuring safety valve to avoid overloading.  Due to their large base, both CP Trolley and Bottle Jacks  provide high safety and great stability.

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