POP Avdel Riveting Tools

As a leading stockist and distributor of POP Avdel Riveting Tools we offer you the very latest in fastener setting technology. POP Avdel manufacture flexible, cost effective tools that can reduce your installation costs, increase your productivity and consistently set a wide range of fastener solutions.

Select from a class leading range of pneumatic & battery Avdel tools,  Avdel POP Rivet Guns, Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tools, lockbolters & Speed Fastener guns. These are the go to tools for high volume assembly applications in motor body building, fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance & repair work. They will not let you down!

We supply POP Avdel Tools at the most competitive prices in the UK. Please contact us today for friendly expert advice and a quotation.

POP Rivet Gun

POP Rivet Nut Tool – Avdel Rivet Nut Tool (POP Rivet Tools)

POP Avdel Riveting Tools – Fastening Systems

POP Avdel – Two iconic brands have joined forces and together they now produce the largest and most diverse range of specially engineered structural and non-structural blind fastening systems in the world. Contact us for more information or a quotation on:

  • Speed Fastening® Systems
  • Breakstem Systems
  • Lockbolt Systems
  • Blind Threaded Inserts
  • Pierce Rivet Fastening Systems
  • Sealing Plugs
  • Installation Equipment and Assembly Stations

You can obtain further information on POP Avdel Fastening Systems, POP Rivet Tools & Avdel Tools please at:


Avdel® Innovative Fastening Solutions

Avdel® offers the widest range of blind fasteners and tooling in the market. In fact, POP AVDEL products are so pervasive that just about every manufactured product has, at some time, been assembled, fastened or touched by Avdel® technology.

Blind Fasteners

Sometimes called breakstem fasteners, Avdel®’s premier fastening system offers multi-grip performance, consistent installation, and high-speed, high-performance assembly.

Structural Blind Fasteners

Non-Structural Blind Fasteners

Speed Fasteners

Rapid and reliable, Avdel® Speed Fastening technology offers benefits over conventional mechanical assembly systems.

Speed Fasteners


Designed for high-strength assembly, our two-piece lockbolt systems form joints capable of withstanding the toughest applications and environments.


Threaded Inserts

Dependable low cost system for inserting high quality, load bearing threads in thin materials.

Threaded Inserts

Assembly Systems

Automated assembly systems can dramatically reduce assembly time and costs whilst improving consistency of placing. Customized systems can be designed for virtually any application or assembly environment.

Avdel® Assembly Systems

Self-Piercing Rivets

Self-piercing rivets are excellent for joining dissimilar materials, pre-coated sheets or layered materials. Pierce and fasten in one operation, eliminating need for insertion holes and alignment.

Fastriv® Self-Piercing Rivets

Portariv® Pierce Riveting System

Material and Surface Finish Standards

Abbreviations we use to denote the basic requirements for steels, aluminium alloys and copper alloys used in the manufacture of Avdel® fasteners. Each standard contains a list of grades available.

Avdel® Material and Surface Finish Standards

Inventor of the Blind Rivet

There’s a reason Pop’s name is synonymous with blind rivets, POP® was the original manufacturer of this innovative design. Today, POP® continues updating and improving their products to remain a step ahead of modern assembly needs.

POP Rivet Tools AVDEL Tools POP AVDEL Riveting Tools POP Avdel POP Rivet Gun

Trusted by Manufacturers Worldwide

The POP® rivet range includes a wide variety of high quality fasteners that will meet the needs of your demanding manufacturing assembly process.

The ability to set POP® blind rivets without the need for access at the back of the work piece makes their use mandatory in many instances. Their many additional advantages also make them the logical choice in numerous applications where the blind rivet setting feature is not of primary importance.


Used in numerous applications to secure two or more components together. Their groundbreaking POP® rivet is easily installed with access only required from one side of the assembly.

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Blind Riveting Systems

Hand tools, power tools, and accessories that allow you to develop blind riveting systems for specific requirements.

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Automotive Aftermarket Products

Fastening solutions that help restore cars, trucks, and motorcycles back to factory condition.

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POP® Product Configurator

Calculate the right fastening product for your application with our configuration tool.

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FAR Tools

We are also proud to be a leading distributor of FAR ToolsFAR Rivet Guns and FAR Rivet Nut Tools. These ultra reliable class leading products have been manufactured by FAR in their factory in Bologna, Italy, since 1957. FAR tools continue to set the benchmark for industrial bind rivet & rivet nut setting tools.